Culinary School

WRH Industries Ltd. is proud to offer a full line of products perfectly suited for culinary school applications. From non-stick pan liners and cookware to stackable trays, boxes and bins to dough handling systems, we can provide a complete solution for your business. Our patented Teflon® and extreme temperature-tolerant thermoplastics combined with our unrivaled five-year breakage warranties demonstrate how our strength is your security. Please click on the links below for more information and downloadable .pdfs on how WRH products can work for you!

WRH Collage MiscPDFicon

WRH Collage ConfectioneryPDFicon

WRH Collage wS2BPDFicon

WRH Shape2BAKE Pan LinersPDFicon

WRH Shape2Cast Moulds Brochure EmailPDFicon

WRH Shape2BAKE Care and HandlingPDFicon

WRH Shape2BAKE Japanese CollagePDFicon

WRH Shape2BAKE JapanesePDFicon

WRH Shape2BAKE Magic MatPDFicon

WRH Shape2BAKE MoldsPDFicon

WRH Shape2BAKE SS Cake Rings and Mold GasketsPDFicon

WRH Shape2BAKE Vectra Cookware BrochurePDFicon

WRH Shape2BAKE Vectra Cookware PresentationPDFicon

WRH Shape2BAKE Vectra Cookware Sample PicsPDFicon

WRH Shape2BAKE Vectra Polymer Cookware brochure EUPDFicon

WRH Shape2BAKE Pan Liners Comparison to SilpatsPDFicon

WRH Shape2BAKE Pan Liners Espanol Francais Care HandlingPDFicon

WRH Shape2BAKE Pan Liners Q&APDFicon

WRH Shape2BAKE Pan Liners vs. Parchment PaperPDFicon

BB Series Stackable Dust Tight BoxesPDFicon

WRH BB-1826 TraysPDFicon

WRH BB-2738-1.5V Series Drying and Dehydration RacksPDFicon

WRH BB-4 BoxPDFicon

WRH BB-5A Dolly SketchPDFicon

RT-1 Sheet PanPDFicon

Dolly and Cart ExamplesPDFicon

WRH MAFO Washer BrochurePDFicon

WRH Silentmaster CartsPDFicon

WRH UFO DollyPDFicon

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