Custom Solutions

WRH Industries Ltd. can design and create applications exclusively tailored to your business or industry. We have nearly 60 years of experience in working with clients from large multi-national corporations to single-proprietor shops in creating and engineering custom solutions to meet their unique requirements. With our proprietary FDA-certified and virtually-indestructible materials, we can design and manufacture the right system to complement your business. Please click on the links below for more information and downloadable .pdfs on how WRH products can work for you!

PDFiconApplications and Solutions by Industry

PDFiconPress Release – Airline Luggage Bins

PDFiconDrying and Dehydration Tray

PDFiconVentilation and Airflow Trays

PDFiconChick Grow Out Trays

PDFiconFreezing Baskets / Transport Trays and Dollies

PDFiconDolly and Cart Examples

PDFiconScrapers and Paddles

PDFiconCustom Locator Trays

PDFiconBlast Freezing Sheet Pan

PDFiconSelf-Lubricating Demoulding Trays

PDFicon3000 lb Dynamic Loading Rated 180ᵒ Stack and Nest Bin

PDFiconAirport Luggage Tray

PDFiconFood Compliance FDA Certification

PDFiconSolutions to Fiberglass Tray Failure and Contamination

PDFiconNearly Sixty Years Supporting Global Clients

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