WRH Industries Ltd. is proud to offer a full line of products perfectly suited to the foodservice industry. From trays and bins for commissary applications to sheet pans to freezing/transport trays, we can provide a complete solution for your business. Our patented Teflon® and extreme temperature-tolerant thermoplastics combined with our unrivaled five-year breakage warranties demonstrate how our strength is your security. Please click on the links below for more information and downloadable .pdfs on how WRH products can work for you!

PDFiconApplications and Solutions by Industry

PDFiconStackable Dust Tight Boxes

PDFiconProcessing and Staging Trays

PDFiconDrying and Dehydration Tray

PDFiconVentilation and Airflow Trays

PDFiconApplication and Solution Examples

PDFiconFreezing Baskets / Transport Trays and Dollies

PDFiconDolly and Cart Examples

PDFiconScrapers and Paddles

PDFiconLine Card of Products

PDFiconMeat Processing Examples

PDFiconRack Shelving Boards

PDFiconPie / Ice-cream Transport Trays

PDFiconSheet Pans

PDFiconHalf Sheet Pan Display Trays

PDFiconBlast Freezing Sheet Pan

PDFiconStock Boxes and Freezer Baskets

PDFiconIndestructible Bus / Meat Tub

PDFiconCook-Chill Tray

PDFiconExtreme Duty 180ᵒ Stack and Nest Bin

PDFiconStack and Nest Bin Dolly

PDFiconSelf-lubricating 180ᵒ Stack and Nest Trays

PDFiconCorrections Commissary / Cook-Chill Bin

PDFiconCorrections Commissary / Cook-Chill Bin Dolly

PDFiconSolutions to Fiberglass Tray Failure and Contamination

PDFiconNearly Sixty Years Supporting Global Clients

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